Who I am and what I write about

Hi, dear reader. Welcome to the Lost Epilogue. My name is B.J. Sal, I am writer of Science Fiction, Horror, and whatever else I put my mind into, and I have just published my first book, Cntrl,

while I finish the second one.

Before this “vocation call” that I had already experienced several times before, I have worked as an engineer in software architecture and cybsersecurity first, and in a thousand different things during my college years later, so I could pay my studies and an additional MBA. When I thought my life was settled, and before the “middle age crisis”, I decided to take out the stone in my shoe and put myself in front of the mirror just to discover that I did not like what I had in front of me, neither where I was going. No doubt, that was one of the most difficult decisions of my entire life and, although I cannot tell if it has been profitable economically, it has absolutely been from a spiritual perspective. So now you know who I am: a novice writer that has just burnt the ships, the bridges, and to whom the words are the only way forward. As Galeano said:

Utopia is in the horizon. I walk two steps, it gets two steps forward and the horizon moves ten steps farther. What is the purpose of utopia, then? Nothing but that: to make you go forward.

From all the different things I want to write about I have started with Science Fiction because it is one of my favourite genres. I guess I have been pushed by one of the books that impacted me when I was young: Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury.

I invite you to read my work, to comment what you think about it, to share it, and help me growing if you like what you read so I can continue walking towards this beautiful utopia that makes me wake up every morning with a smile, fearless of the many challenges that I have to face in my path to the horizon. I promise I will give my best to provide entertaining and challenging content.

I wish this is the beginning of a beatiful friendship.

B.J. Sal

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