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This is the beginning of my new book. I hope you like it!

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The newspaper’s office swarmed with noise and people in the
never ending day that started ten months ago with the resignation
of the forty-ninth president of the republic. Other papers
described that action as some sort of plot after the unexpected political
shift that the leader had taken in his last moments. But not
this one, which had tried to put any sensationalism aside from the
start. Whether the reasons were those or not, what everybody officially
knew was that the step back had been justified with a health
issue, not giving any further detail in an attempt to respect the
president’s privacy. There was nothing suspicious about it in spite
of the lack of statements or a good bye speech. When the vicepresident
also resigned, not even a month after his new designation
as acting president and just a few days since he, surprisingly,
backed up the critic message of his predecessor, a general astonishment
made many media to start echoing the growing and confusing
conspiracy theories. Although most of them were complete
nonsense, only fostered by the opposition parties, they just served
as entertainment for the public opinion and as an excuse to discuss
about the private life of the two former presidents. Their party,
historically known by its conservative turn, had been steadily ruling
over nineteen years and every poll have them as winners in
the incoming elections that would take place in six months. That
second renunciation forced new elections before that and produced
an odd atmosphere for a campaign that would be marked by
those two recent and strange political deaths. Despite all the noise
and aggressiveness coming from the different contenders and their
supporting media, it did not surprise anybody when the new candidate
from the conservative party got the presidency by a vast
majority, using a speech that appealed to the traditional values
that the two men of the hour had doubted with their baffling last days.
Before disappearing, both politicians had drown their party
immersed in a deep crisis by questioning its ideological compass.
In any case, their speeches, claiming for ecology as the new cornerstone
of any future decision, declaring war on any sort of corruption,
or announcing an unprecedented new set of social measures,
were rapidly silenced through countless interventions that
gave a different meaning to the words of the two ex-presidents.
The most demagogic and sinister face of politics entered the
room, trying to convince everybody about the true relevance of
ecology in their party and in the future of the country, about the
significant reduction of the corruption since their party took the
chair, and about the irresponsibility in going forward with the announced
social measures. Empty words in the end. The eternal
fight for the control of the public opinion between the papers with
a tendentiously progressive editorial policy and those on the opposite
side was taking place with more ferocity than usual. Objectivity
and impartiality at the service of the nation had been gone for
years without no one claiming for them or, what was worst, without
anybody remembering them even. Politics and journalism,
two activities with the essence of public service, were lost in the
search for the best storytelling, trying to convince anybody, no
matter the cost. Even at the worst of all: the cost of lying. But this
was nor new, neither surprising so the people were already used to
it and participated as VIP spectators: asleep, weary, and letting
themselves to be seduced by the most entertaining speech, even if
the goal of that speech was to rule over their opinion.
When a few weeks later the new president swore the oath of
allegiance and announced an unplanned press conference where
he wanted to express a “very important message” and share his
“new vision on the future of the human kind”, all warnings became
red and everybody that had the chance to see the announcement
on the Government’s official account was shocked.

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