If you had the definitive control weapon, how would you use it? Would you look for your own benefit or would you rather try to change the world? A journalist, a private investigator, and a hacker will fight to find the truth behind a politcal scandal that will open the door to a dark conspiracy in this thriller where no one can be sure whether they are pulling the strings… or they are just another puppet. Enter into the first part of this Science Fiction series developed in a society where dystopia is around the corner.

Cover Design: Alva Aur
Illustrations: Sergio Carrasco

Find the book in ebook version here:
Full book ebook version
If your prefer, you may find the full version of the book in physical version here:
Full book paper

Here you can find a booktrailer tribute from the “Writers and Readers World” facebook page who took the initiative to create this just because they enjoyed the book.

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